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Mathematics has traditionally been equated with numbers and shapes. But in this new educational landscape, and as the boundaries explored by mathematicians expand, Mathematics is no longer just about numbers and shapes found in the classrooms. It is about understanding the place of Mathematics in people’s lives.
To develop our students to be better problem solvers, the department adopted the 4-step Poyla Problem Solving strategies in the teaching of Mathematics in Northland P rimary School.
The following are the steps for problem solving:
  1. understanding the problem
  2. devising a plan (choosing a heuristic)
  3. carrying out the plan
  4. reflecting
Home support is important and key to success. It is important to maintain an open communication with your child’s Mathematics teacher so that we can work in partnership on your child’s learning.

Mathematics can be found everywhere, in almost every facet of our lives. To help your child develop mathematical skills and concepts better, it is good to start Math exploration at home.
Look around for exciting Math teaching opportunity with your child – indoors, outdoors or on the go. Make Mathematics part of your daily lives and help your child understand that Math is fun.