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Letter to Parent _GDX

Dear Parents, please take note that our School will be conducting an emergency exercise on Tuesday, 12 Nov 2019 between 0800 to 1400 hrs.

An announce was sent via Parents Gateway on 21 Oct 2019. In the event that you have miss out the announcement, you may click here to view the letter to parents.

Please take note that students will be dismissed at 1230 hrs on the day of the exercise.

P1 Admin Day

Dear parents, these are the slides from the P1 Admin Day Briefing for 2020 on 15 & 16 Oct 2019 for your reference.

NPS P1 Admin Days 2019 (Consolidated Presentation)

Nomination for Awards

Is there a teacher that is inspiring you?

Nominate him/her for 

President's Award for Teachers


Outstanding Youth in Education Award



Well-wishes for P6 students

Wishing our P6 students all the best for the coming PSLE exams. 

Resources to Help Parents and Children Choose the Right Schools
Parents Gateway [PG]

Stay logged on in (do not log out of ) Parents Gateway to receive announcements from school. Come on board PG, using your SIngpass, if you have not. Announcements and Letters to Parents have been disseminated through PG since Term 2.

Phase 2B Parent Volunteer Scheme

Application for Phase 2B Parent Volunteer Scheme for parents with child born in 2014.