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chamPS Identity

Our search for a meaningful identity led us to " chamPS ". The PS is in caps font and placed at the end of the name as it identifies our unified goal towards the school's vision by providing Parent Support. The smaller fonts of cham is an acronym for Caring, Helping, Affirming and Mentoring. These values are carefully chosen as they reflect (and constantly remind us) of a spirit of servitude and an earnest heart to reach out and make a difference. Only when we have a heart to care, willingness to step out to provide a helping hand, to proactively affirm with deeds and words the school's programs and to walk alongside each child & parent in mentoring - then we can say we are truly providing Parent Support.
When the acronyms of cham and PS are joined together - the message we want to highlight, as chamPS, will be - Parent Volunteers champion the cause of PSG towards the school's vision. Hence, the four action-oriented "heart-anchored" values lead to the philosophy of Parent Support - to be able to make a difference for the better even if it is for only a child, a parent or a teacher.

chamPS Logo

Our logo symbolizes parents serving the school with their heart and a pair of loving hands and eyes

And finally in conclusion, our PSG's philosophy, values and action words as chamPS will be working towards the School's vision by Caring, Helping, Affirming & Mentoring (within the 5 core groups) through Parent Support.

chamPS Directions, Goals and Responsibilities

  1. To co-work with the school closely 
  2. To provide support for various School activities and areas where teachers needed assistance 
  3. To enhance Parent-teacher relationship through positive and fruitful working relationship 
  4. To become effective parents as a result of PSG involvement

Long Term Goal

Establish a strong Home-school link

Principles of Partnership

  • Win-win : meaningful, holistic and authentic learning experience for the students
  • Sustainability
  • Students first

Impact of Partnership

Alignment to student outcomes which are in alignment with the C2015 outcome

Student outcomes are classified into 6 domains

  1. Cognitive
  2. Social and moral
  3. Leadership 
  4. Moral
  5. Aesthetics
  6. Physical

C2015 Outcomes

  • Confident, self-directed learner
  • Concerned citizens 
  • Active contributors