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chamPS - Caring, Helping, Affirming, Mentoring through Parent Support

chamPS, Northland’s Parent Support Group, officially started with the formation of its first Executive Committee on 7 Aug 1999. Through the platform of PSG, parents are provided with lots of opportunities to be closer to their children and their journey of learning in these foundational years. Children too, stand to benefit from their parents’ participation in their school activities.

  • To build a trusting, communicative and collaborative parent-teacher relationship 
  • To provide support for various school activities as well as areas where teachers need assistance 

Key activities
  • Weekly WeCare Programme 
  • P1 Orientation Day 
  • Sports Day and Health Funnanza 
  • Festive Celebrations 
  • Teachers’ Day celebration 
  • Community outreaches 
  • Barbeque Night 
  • Regular Parenting Talks 

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b) FB : NorthlandPri Psg