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Evidence-Based Parenting (EBP) Programmes

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Parents can get practical help and/or learn better ways to support children in setting healthy routines and habits. Express your interest at

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Triple P Level 2 - Seminar Series

Run 1 - English

Date/Time: Tuesday (7.30pm-9pm)

Seminar 1: March 9, 2021

Seminar 2: March 16, 2021

Seminar 3: March 23, 2021

Run 2 - English

Date/Time: Tuesday (7.30pm-9pm)

Seminar 1: June 8, 2021

Seminar 2: June 15, 2021

Seminar 3: June 22, 2021


Date/Time: Wednesday (7.30pm-9pm)

Seminar 1: April 14, 2021

Seminar 2: April 21, 2021

Seminar 3: April 28, 2021

Research Findings and Useful Tips on Parenting

The first article titled “How not to talk to your kids” discusses how the use of praise can sometimes adversely influence a child’s learning. The second article “Raising successful children” talks about the dilemmas of parenting and the distinction between good and bad parental involvement. The articles can be accessed at the links provided below:

We also like to share with you the article on "Parenting for the Teenage Years" presentations about some tips on how parents can support their children during this phase of life (in their teens) and how going about dealing with social media platforms.
We hope that you would find the articles useful and please do share the links with more parents around you.