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Partnering with schools offers a powerful alternative to four walled classroom chalk-and-talk method. It leads to instilling a sense of awe, which helps open young minds to introspection and new experiences. It aims to explore new dimensions of learning which will provide and enable students to understand and respect cultural and societal differences.

  • To strengthen the learning of staff and students involved through sharing or transfer of skills and knowledge
  • To help staff and students broaden their views and be more outward looking
  • To build stronger relationships between student-student, student-teacher and teachers-teachers of both schools

Key activities
  • School immersion programme at Kingfar School
  • Hosting programme for Kingfar School
  • P3 Recess Buddy with Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School
  • Sports Day with Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School
  • Workshop on Autism for staff by Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School
  • Art programmes with Naval Base Secondary School