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Northland Primary believes in building links and collaborating with the community to create quality educational opportunities for the students.

  • To provide authentic opportunities to build students’ sense of identity and responsibility towards society
  • To uphold and transmit right values and attitudes in the students
  • To provide support to students and their families who are in need of assistance to enable success in school and beyond

Key activities
  • North West CDC Student Wise Enrichment Programme
  • North West Service Week
  • North West We Care Fund
  • P5 Values In Action
  • Heartwarmers School Project Bursary
  • Heartwarmers Project 100=50
  • Monthly Birthday Celebrations@ VF
  • Carolling@Aged Homes
  • WeCare Dance Clinic for Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School

Platinum Award

Our school has been conferred the Platinum Award by North West CDC for 2020 & 2021 for its efforts in reaching out to the community and the needy. We applaud chamPS for the commendable effort in putting together the school’s outreach programmes.

Platinum Award Banner 2020.jpg