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Friends of Northland Award - Alumni Recipients

The Friends of Northland Award is presented by the school annually in recognition of their partners' support. It is awarded to partners (both individuals or organisations) who have shown sustained commitment and generous contributions.

This page lists the alumni recipients of the award.

5 Year Service Award

Phang Si Ling Vivian 2015
Lee Yun Ting 2015

Friends of Northland Award

Chirag Gupta 2015
Chia Yu Xuan Tomas 2014
Teo Kai En 2013
Lee Yun Ting 2011
Phang Si Ling Vivian 2011
Lee Pee Hua 2009
Ng Aik Wei Marcus 2009
Mohammad Aizat Hashim 2009
Nur Nadhirah Hamzah 2009
Juliana Ong 2009