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Student Covid-19 Vaccination Exercise

Dear Parents,

As you are aware that our P6  students will be invited for the Covid-19 vaccination as announced in news on 31 May 2021 and also in our PG.

The school is collecting queries from parents regarding the vaccination process. Should you have any queries, you may put it up via

Please click on title link for more information on

Resource 2 Parent Kit on Student Vaccination Exercise

Resource 3 One page Infographic on Student Vaccination Exercise.pdf



Notes for Math Workshops for Parents

Click on the title to the Math Dept page for workshop notes.

Thank you for your interest in attending and familarising yourself with Mathematical concepts to support your child/ren's learning.


Outstanding School Partner Award 2020

Our school has been conferred the Platinum Award by North West CDC this year for  its efforts in reaching out to the community and the needy. We applaud chamPS for the commendable effort in putting together the school's outreach programmes. 

Parents Gateway [PG]

Dear Parents,

We would appreciate it if you are on board 'Parents Gateway' as it is the main communication platform between the school and parents. All announcements from the school will be administered via Parents Gateway. 

You can download the app from the App Store/Play Store and perform a ONE-TIME LOGIN using your SINGPASS.

We thank all the parents who are already on board.

Important Note: Please stay logged on (DO NOT LOG OUT) so that you will receive timely announcements.

Thank you.

Phase 2B Online Balloting Exercise 2021

Online balloting for Phase 2B parent volunteers with children born in 2016 will be held on Friday, 4 June 2021, 9 am.

Details in: