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School Uniforms


The school is pleased to inform that Chop Kong Chong and Popular bookshop has agreed to work together to make name tag orders convenient for both parents and students. 

For all ad-hoc name tag orders (for all levels), the bookshop will take the orders on behalf of Chop Kong Chong.

As we have changed name tag supplier, the name tag colour tones will slightly differ from previous batches. These new tones will be our new standard colour tones this year onwards.

For any embroidered name tag enquiries, please kindly contact Chop Kong Chong Uniforms at tel: 6753 1489

Explorer Boy Set for P1 & P2

Explorer set for P1.jpg

Explorer School Shirt for P1 

Explorer shirt with plastic nametag for P1.jpg

Explorer Girl Set for P1 & P2

Explorer set for P1 & P2_Girl.jpg

Sapphire House Shirt (Sample) 

sample of House T-shirt.jpg

Uniform Price List

uniform price.PNG