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Objectives & Activities


  1. Warm-up and basic routine for all – choregraph by chief coach
  2. To learn the foundation skills in Wushu
    Training of wushu ji beng gong such as leg kicking, hand, flexibility and stamina training
  3. To expose the students to different weapons in wushu 

Day & Time

2.15pm to 4.15pm


Mrs Lim-Kho Kha Tiang*
Miss Ang Yeh Ray
Ms Flora Wong 


Area behind library



  • To nurture young Wushu learners.
  • To promote Chinese culture through Wushu.
  • To inculcate values of sportsmanship, integrity, perseverance and determination.


  • To promote Wushu as a healthy living sports.
  • To provide a holistic program for all individuals to excel in their given talents.

Calm but be alert. Relaxed but ready. Smooth but sharp. Humble, but confident.Wushu is a philosophy of life. It is designed for defense, not offense. It is a way to bring your mind and body into focus.  Jet Li


National Primary School Wushu Championships 2016                 Participation
  1. Tyrus Yeo      2A

  2. Jayden Sng Jun Ming (Junior Boys Sword 2nd placing)         4E

  3. Chua Jia Qian         5F

  4. Shih Hao An           5F

  5. Neo Hwee Chuan Lynette (Senior Girls Nanquan 3rd placing)      6E 

National Primary School Wushu Championships 2015                 Participation