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Strings Ensemble

Objectives & Activities


  1. To enable students to understand and apply the basic violin techniques and skill
  2. To enable students (ranging from beginners to advanced players) to learn and apply skills into different genre of music
  3. Section training for different instruments

Day & Time

2.15 pm to 4.15 pm


Mrs Priscilla Tay (Khoo Xian Hui)
Ms Joyce Tan
Ms Fiona Low


Music Room 2

Music is a piece of art that goes into the ear and straight into the heart. Sometimes, music is the only thing that takes your mind away.


To practise and perfect the SYF pieces for Senior Group  
To bridge the gap between the Junior Group and Senior Group by having two separate groups to practise on CCA sessions.
To practise new songs in the ensemble


Singapore Youth Festival 2018           Certificate of Commendation