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Drama Club

Our objectives and activities


1. Speech and voice:  Clarity of speech and good projection of voice.   

2. Mime and Movement:  Mime is drama with actions but without words and the actions will bring out the visual images by movements.

3. Characters, Props & Costumes:  Children will dress up to act as characters behaving in other people’s individual personalities.

4. Situation Drama and Improvised Plays from daily life experiences. 

§  Purposeful theatre games

§  Physical and Vocal Warm Ups

§  Voice and Speech Work

§  Movement exercises

§  Drama activities

§  Acting exercises

§  Rehearsals

§  Presentations and Showcases

§  Reflection and sharing before each session ends



Ms Yuanna Binte Salamat*

Ms Farah Hasinah Bte Abdul Wahab
Mrs Chitra Devi d/o V Ramalingam

Day and Time:

2.30 pm to 4.30 pm


PAL Room