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Objectives & Activities

  1. To develop a love for singing and appreciation for music by song learning and theory building.
  2. To encourage creative expression through music, rhythm and movement.
  3. To reinforce proper vocal techniques and encourage healthy use of voice in our young singers through warm up exercises incorporating breathing technique and vocalization.
  4. Introduce basic percussion skills through small group singing and presentations involving the use of simple percussion.

Day  & Time

2.15 pm to 4.15 pm


Mdm Yap Siok Mei*
Mdm Tay Siew Buay

PAL Room/Teachers Resource Room


  • To promote greater appreciation of singing among the students.


  • To develop each member’s musical   talents and musicianship skills.
  • To nurture the students’ talent through vocal training so that they can each reach their fullest   potential in this area.
  • To exhibit   good showmanship on stage.
  • To provide a holistic program for all individuals to excel in their given talents.

Our voices reflect our choices. In diversity, we have one harmony. We have a common interest in singing, we put our heart and soul in singing to lift up the heart and soul of those listening.


Singapore Youth Festival 2018         Certificate of Commendation