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FAQs for CCAs selection and operations

How do I make an informed choice if there is no physical CCA Open House?

For information pertaining to CCAs offered by the school, you may log on to the link to click on the heading ‘CCA’ in the Northland Primary School webpage. Then you can browse all the CCA webpages according to groups or individual CCAs. You can watch the eCCA Open House videos and information of each CCA to make an informed choice with your child before submitting the e-option google form.


What if I am not given my first choice or any CCA of my choice at all?

Due to the allocated number of students in each CCA with respect to our limited manpower, resources and venues, it is not possible for all students to be offered their first choices in CCAs as some CCAs may be oversubscribed. The reason for not offering more than 1 CCA in the same group for the e-option google form is to minimize overwhelming responses for certain groups too.


If you are not given your first choice CCA, we will try to give you another CCA which is one of your choices. Please take note that CCA allocation is not based on first come first serve order. CCA allocation will be made known in due course through your child’s form teachers.


Can I switch CCA next year if I find that I do not feel comfortable to continue with the CCA allocated?

We encourage all to stay in their same CCAs till primary 6. However, we can make exceptions if there are valid reasons eg medical or others. It is better for the students to remain in the same CCAs so that through consistent involvements and learning opportunities available, mastery of and progression in the skills can be acquired as compared to switching to another CCA. Even if the transfer takes place, it can only be once over the 4 years in our school.

Can I not join any CCA for 2021?

You are highly encouraged to join a CCA as our school strongly believes in giving our students a well-balanced and all-rounded education. Thus, we hope our students to not only excel in their studies but also to participate actively in co-curricular activities. 


Northland Primary School provides a wide range of CCAs to broaden and deepen our students’ foundations for lifelong learning incorporating holistic education for students to discover their strengths, interests and talents. 

It will also enrich your experiences and improve your social skills through interactions with friends beyond your classrooms.

If I am selecting Robotics or Photography under Infocomm Club@Northland, what should I do?

As Robotics and Photography wings are under Infocomm Club@Northland CCA, you just need to select the CCA. On the first day of the actual CCA session next year, the CCA teachers will ask you for your preference and you will join the wing of your preference accordingly.

Questions on CCA posted in Slido during The Primary 2 Parents’ Zoom Meeting on
16th October 2020

Below are the answers in red to the questions pertaining to CCAs that you have posted. I have combined some questions as the answers are provided to clarify similar questions. I have paraphrased some questions to address broader areas of concerns.


1.    If my child is currently already in a competitive sport training in private, do you still encourage him to take up a CCA in school? Can the school allow him to skip CCA?

 CCA provides every child a well-rounded education on top of academic pursuits. Your child is highly encouraged to join a CCA to compliment his/her skills acquisition process even if he/she is already in a competitive sport training. Most CCAs value teamwork with its benefits that goes along with individual talents as we can grow best in a community – iron sharpen iron. The infrastructure in CCAs facilitates authentic experiences that cannot be duplicated especially within the school context. Most of the sports CCAs require the teams to practice together, not by pure individual talent alone. We register the entire team for competitions based on how they play/perform together.


2.     Can we still change the choices since next Monday is the last day?

Once the teachers have informed the class on the CCA allocation, the students can still raise their preferences if they have for some reason selected wrongly. But due to the quota we have taken into consideration beyond what we can manage with the available manpower and resources, we need to cap the number of some CCAs which are oversubscribed.


3.    Why can’t students go with their interests and strengths, if a child is aesthetically inclined, why can’t the child choose more than 1 CCA? If a child is aesthetically inclined, why can’t the child choose more than I CCA from the same domain/group?

 As CCA time slots are the same for all, unless the child is required to participate in other CCAs due to performance or competitions, the time clashes does not allow for having more than 1 CCA. For Chess club CCA session which ends by 5.45 p.m., the child can complete personal CCA session and attend. The 2 CCA arrangement has to take into account the child’s ability to cope with the additional burden of another CCA with respect to academic pursuits, energy and time management.


4.    For non-official CCAs, how does the school support students to participate in competitions?

 The school will support students who wish to participate in non-official CCAs’ National School Games competitions like martial arts, gymnastics, swimming and other games or performing arts genre. Parents and students can approach Mr Wilson Tan or their form teachers in this endeavour. We will update via the Public announcement system if there is an upcoming competition for non-official CCAs.


5.    Does my child need to excel in CCA alone to qualify for DSA? Or it has to be a combination of CCA, student leadership and results?

For Direct School admission, it is mainly dependent on the child’s talent and strengths to be enrolled to the school of choice. Result is not the main criteria for most schools in consideration for entry. It can be a combination of CCA or student leadership or based on 1 strength to determine whether the school will accept. Normally, the child has to go through trials (sports/dance etc) and or interviews in the selection process.


6.    How is CCA allocated?

Every student is given 4 options from each of the 4 CCA groups according to preference ie 1st choice to the 4th choice.  We have a quota for each CCA with respect to our manpower, resources and logistics so that every student can be given adequate attention during the sessions. If the CCA is oversubscribed, we may relook at the child’s strengths by enquiring from the students’ PAM (Physical Education/Art/Music) teachers related to the CCAs. For sports CCAs, most of the game skills can be acquired through the physical education lessons thus it is not necessary to join a sports CCA unless there is a compelling reason.

Everyone would be given one of his/her choices, not everyone would be given his/her first choice which we try to allocate as best as we can due to the said constraints stated.


7.    Why are there no girls’ football and basketball teams

 We already have a large number of boys in both sports CCAs in relation with the limited manpower and resources available. We cannot open up for girls as attention to focus on them will be further reduced. We have netball CCA which only allows girls to join and floorball which is offered for both genders.