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                                     Primary 2 eCCA Open House cum Immersive Experience 2022

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Co-Curricular Activities

The objectives of Ministry Of Education for the CCA (Co-Curricular Activities) programme are:

·        Forms an integral part of our students’ holistic education

·        Allows for students to discover their interests and talents while developing values and competencies that will prepare them for a rapidly changing world

·        Fosters social integration and deepen students’ sense of belonging, commitment and sense of responsibility to school, community and nation. 

In line with the educational objectives, NPS CCA programme provides opportunities for the development of desirable attitudes and internalisation of values, leadership qualities, teamwork and scope for constructive learning. We hope to maximise the benefits of engagement, exposure and expression through various CCA-initiated platforms to fulfil our CCA vision of ‘Excellence through Active Learning and Sound Character’ for our children to grow holistically, serve whole-heartedly and excel exponentially.

Through our CCAs

In line with our school’s vision “Firm Foundations, Future Learnings”, we hope to equip our students and prepare them for the future by

·        Building Competence - Provide opportunities for our students to learn and hone new skills through their involvement in interesting and meaningful activities

·        Developing Character – Emphasise the importance of teamwork, discipline and commitment by instilling core values and developing their social-emotional competencies

·        Achieving Aspiration – Motivate our students to realise their potential through consistent efforts in developing their pursuit of excellence

Our school strongly believes in giving our students a well-balanced and all-rounded education. Thus, we encourage our students to not only excel in their studies but also to participate actively in co-curricular activities. 

Northland Primary School provides a wide range of CCAs to broaden and deepen our students’ foundations for lifelong learning incorporating holistic education for students to discover their strengths, interests and talents. 

More information

CCA days, time slots and bus arrangement are reflected in the table below.




Bus Arrangement



All CCAs

2.15 p.m. to

4.15 p.m.



The school buses will depart at 

4.30 p.m. on Thursdays.

(Students taking the school buses will be dismissed by 4.15 p.m.)





Chess Club





2.15 p.m. to

4.15 p.m.

(Selected members and school team players will stay back till 5.45 p.m.)





Athletics School Team


3 p.m. to 5 p.m.