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General Conduct

Be polite and refined in manners at all times. Proper decorum should be maintained at all times.

Respect and obey school authorities - e.g. principal, teachers, student leaders, and non-teaching staff, at all times and regardless of the circumstances.

Be considerate and show care and concern to others - e.g. students are not to use vulgar language, threaten, bully or hurt others regardless of circumstances.

Take good care of school property and premises.

Demonstrate a sense of civic mindedness.

Students are to be quiet and seated in an orderly manner during all school events such as assembly period.
All students are expected to uphold the reputation of the school at all times - e.g. there must be no defamation (in any form) of the school or any staff of the school.

Students are to greet the Principal, Vice-principals, teachers, staff and visitors when they meet them

Students must not loiter at void decks, shopping malls and other public places in their school uniform.

Students must be well behaved and socially responsible inside and outside of school.

Flag Raising

All students must stand at attention during flag-raising and pledge-taking.

Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem.

All Singapore Citizens must recite the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.

Proper decorum must be observed during all school assemblies and functions.

Punctuality & Attendance

  • Students are to be present every day during the school term.
  • Once students are in school, they are not to leave the premises until dismissal unless permission has been granted by the Principal/Vice-Principal/HOD.
  • Absence from school, CCA or school-organised activities must be covered by a medical certificate or an explanatory letter from parent/guardian.
  • Students are to be seated in the hall by 7.10 am (AM Session)/11.40 am (PM Session Mon, Tues, Thu & Fri) & 1.10 pm (PM Session Wed).
Out-of-School Activities
  • Parental consent is required for all activities conducted outside school hours. If a student is absent on the day of the activity, no refund will be given to payment made (unless otherwise stated).
 Behaviour Outside School Premises
  • While in uniform, students are not allowed to loiter or gather in public areas before and after school hours. Public areas include HDB void decks and shopping malls.
Students are expected to go home immediately after dismissal.