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Conduct During Assembly

Conduct during Assembly

  • Students are to assemble at designated assembly areas punctually and in an orderly manner.
  • Students must bear in mind that when they gather at the school hall for daily or formal assembly they are to settle down quickly and refrain from talking unnecessarily.
  • Conduct in Canteen
  • Students must consume food and drinks in the canteen only. Students may only consume plain water in class and other areas of the school.
  • Students must return used crockery and utensils to the respective bins.
  • Students are to queue in an orderly manner when buying their food.


  • Students must move in a brisk, quiet and orderly manner and be led by the teacher or class monitor when moving around the school during school hours.
  • Students must make use of designated pedestrian crossings. Students who cycle to school must dismount at the main gate for safety reasons and push their bicycles to the designated bicycle parking area.