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Principal's Message

2018 marks a special year for Northland Primary School for it is the year we celebrate our 30th Anniversary. 30 is a handsome age which our school is proud to be. We appreciate the long journey the school has travelled through. It gives us many compelling reasons to make this occasion an endearing one for ourselves. As such, the school has chosen a meaningful way to commemorate it – a fundraising drive. Organised in collaboration with Nee Soon Central on 29 March 2018, this fundraising drive, #npsCare Fiesta, is our gesture of appreciation for the community which has been supporting us in our growth these 30 years.

Among ourselves, Northland wishes to mark out this joyous occasion in another special way – by immersing our students in an invigorating learning experience. It is through this approach that I like to renew my pledge of putting Teaching and Learning on centre stage here in Northland Primary. With much deliberation, we have picked out Our Pride, Our Voices, Our Future as our tagline for this celebration to reflect where we are now in our journey.

Our Pride

Indeed, I dare say my staff and I take great pride in being called a Northlander. Blessed with dedicated and caring staff who believes strongly in creating a nurturing environment for all to take delight in learning, Northland continues to enjoy a high standing in the community. But Northland is not just a good school. It is a home, where my staff and I build quality relationships with our colleagues, our students, our parents, and our stakeholders. It feels like a family because many of our staff register their children here in our school, and many of our school parents continue to support us and volunteer their service even after their children have graduated. We even have an Alumni Association which few primary schools can boast of. In the Yishun community, Northland is among the very few schools to be accorded the North West Outstanding School Partner Award (Gold).

Northland’s pride, which stems from our caring staff, is developed through the bond we forge on a daily basis. It keeps us close. It keeps us warm.

Our Voices

Our students are our gems. They are the cause of our purposeful strife. Northland constantly seeks to inculcate in our students the core values that will guide them, develop in them the empowering dispositions to become lifelong learners, equip them with a wide range of skills to prepare them for diverse situations, and nurture them with a sense of purpose in life. With these as our anchor, we craft programmes that give voices to our students; we design experiences that provide exposure for our students. We believe our charges must learn to find their own voices. As such, Northland works hard to create opportunities for our students to express themselves, both within the classrooms and beyond. The many platforms we create – both big and small; formal and informal – serve to develop our students both as individuals as well as responsible citizens of our beloved country.

The collective voices, which rise from our students, sing to the harmonious song we strive to compose on a daily basis. It gives us purpose. It gives us satisfaction.

Our Future

Northland is not one that rests on past glory. Just like the way we want to develop our young charges to be ready for their future, Northland is attuned to changes that come with Time and to find avenues for continual growth because inherent in the school is that keen desire to embrace our future. To be ready for what Future has in store for us, Northland recognizes the importance of developing a strong sense of identity. This I have started building through our C-LITE culture that begins with CARE. In this culture of Care, we aim to create an environment that is safe, trusting, open, and respectful so as to promote Learning, Innovation, and Thinking so that Excellence is not just our pursuit but also our way of life. We therefore see ourselves as culture-builders who collectively work towards permeating this culture.

Our unmistakable sense of identity, which shines through our culture, will be our launch-pad for the future. It steels us in times of uncertainty. It gives us our bearings for greatness.

In this our 30th year, Northland counts our many blessings as we reflect on how much we have literally and metaphorically grown in the same community. I count myself honoured to have this opportunity to lead Northland Primary School to cross this threshold into an exciting future. We feel we have come of age. We feel we are ready to embrace what comes our way.

Happy 30th Anniversary, our Northland Family!