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Principal's Message

On behalf of our staff and students of Northland Primary School, I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year. May 2020 be another great year for all of us as we continue to build on our strong partnership to foster joy and passion in learning, promote critical and inventive thinking, and develop performance and moral character in our children.  In welcoming your child back to school for the brand-new year, let me also extend a special welcome to all the new parents and students who have just joined the Northland family.

I am grateful to Mr Tony Tan, our outgoing principal, for laying a strong foundation in Northland Primary over the last 6 years and am honoured to receive the leadership baton from him. Mr Tan has been a great mentor and leader in our fraternity and I would like to wish him the best in his future endeavours. I know he will continue to be an inspiration to the staff and students he now leads.

The eminent philosopher, John Dewey, once said, “Education is not preparation of life, Education is life itself.” He was convinced that learning through doing was the best approach to education and that it is an active and continual constructive process. When our students are able to connect what they understand about their learning with the world around them, they will be truly educated. Northlanders are given many opportunities to prepare them for life as we anchor our programmes based on our C-Lite values, help them develop learning dispositions and future skills as well as help them grow in areas they are passionate about. Various platforms are also created to provide ample opportunities for our students to apply their learning and flourish.

The success story of Northland is not just about the stellar curriculum and programmes we cater but is mainly attributed to our people. Our efforts in building impactful collaborations with our stakeholders and community are a testimony to our commitment of partnership development for a community based approach to nurturing the whole child. With you supporting the strong and committed staff that we have, we would enable each and every child to grow, serve and excel and bring Northland Primary to greater heights.

Jay Mahardale