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Profile of Northland Primary School

Northland Primary School first opened its doors to 800 Primary 1 to 5 students on 2 January 1988 under the leadership of its first Principal, Mrs Thio Soei Ho.  Officially declared open on 17 April 1990 by Mr Ng Pock Too, the then MP for Nee Soon Central Constituency, Northland Primary School has since firmly established itself as a school of choice in the Yishun community.   With the PERI upgrading completed in February 2015, the school is now structurally expanded comfortably to accommodate an enrolment of more than 1400 students. The current Principal Mr Jay Westly Mahardale, is assisted by his deputies, Vice-Principal Ms Jes Neo and Mr Fong Kim Wah.

Powered by its culture of excellence, Northland Primary School has produced stellar results in many areas.  Academically, the school has consistently achieved PSLE results that are above the national average. The school is also duly recognised for its strong Chess programme that has not only produced admirable results at the national level year after year, but also outstanding players to represent Singapore in age-group competitions.  For this, the school was awarded the Programme for School-based Excellence (PSE) for Chess in 2007.  Northland Primary School is also renowned for its high standard in Mathematics.  It has served as the cluster’s Centre of Learning for Mathematics since 2007, and is continually receiving educators, both local and abroad, to share its good practices in the teaching and learning of Mathematics.  For example, as part of the MOE networking programme organised by the National Institute of Education (NIE), the school hosted a group of Principals from UK in March 2016 to share about our teaching philosophy in the learning of Mathematics.

Northland Primary School’s excellent track record is really a natural outcome of its firm belief in providing a sound education for all students.  This belief is encapsulated in our school’s vision, “Firm Foundations, Future Learnings”.  The school actively seeks to lay a firm foundation in our students both academically and morally by adopting pedagogical approaches that are underpinned by the sound learning principles of constructivism and conceptual understanding.   The school also consciously strives to equip our students with thinking skills, 21st century competencies and learning dispositions that will enable them to thrive in their future endeavours.  Northland Primary School is steeped in the conviction that by acting on our vision, our students will find great joy in learning which will nourish their passion for lifelong learning. 

Ever mindful of the need to keep itself current, Northland Primary School continuously pushes for improvement in both its structures and processes so as to enhance its delivery of quality education.  The school also persists in making diligent efforts to steer the school towards shaping a sound programme in Character Development, Physical Education and the Aesthetics.  For example, our distinctive Aesthetics programme, My Story, My Stage is specially designed to help our students find their identity and voice so that they may appreciate themselves better and be more confident to embrace their future undertakings. 

Northland Primary School has won many accolades since it was founded, and has distinguished itself in the nation for its Mathematics programme, internationally for its Chess programme, and in the community for its dedicated teachers.  The school shall remain committed to scaling greater heights in its charge ahead while anchored in sound values and beliefs so as to groom the next generation of concerned citizens and useful contributors to society.