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For Parents

Term 3

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 VP's Letter to Parents on Teachers Day 2018-edited e-copy.pdfü   ü ü  ü  ü  ü  
 P6 LTP - Guides to follow for PSLE Orals.pdf     ü  
CCAOpenHouseeoption_LTP2018P2.pdf    ü     
LTP_school sms_3 Aug (All students).pdf 
ü ü ü ü ü ü 
P5 Tea Art_942018_26072018.pdf      ü  
LTP National Day (All students).pdf  ü  ü üü ü ü 
 LTP_elearning day (P6 students).pdf     ü  
LTP_elearning day (P1-P5 students).pdf  ü ü  üü ü  
LTP Racial Harmony Day 2018.pdf    ü ü  ü  ü  ü  ü 
Parent Reading workshop (P1 to 3 CMT students).pdf   üü  ü   
LTP P6 PRELIM & PSLE SCHEDULE 2018.pdf       ü 
2018 P6 TOPICS TO BE TAUGHT and TESTED IN SEMESTER 2.pdf       ü  
P2 YH LTP_sem 2 prog_2018.pdf ü      
P4 LTP Sem 2.pdf   ü   
P3 LTP Sem 2.pdf      ü      
P5 LTP YH 2018_Sem 2_27 Jun.pdf      ü   
LTP NE Show (P5 Students only).pdf           ü   
LTP P3 SwimSafer Programme.pdf        ü       
P1 LTP Sem 2.pdf ü           
LTP 2 on myON_WC.pdf 
   ü ü   ü ü   
P letter to Parents (T3 25 Jun 2018) Final.pdf 
ü  ü   ü ü  ü   ü

Term 2

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P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6
 LTP_SLS_Activitation.pdf ü   ü ü   ü ü  ü 
 Parent-Child-Teacher_Conference_LTP-P1 to P4 _2018.pdf ü  ü   ü ü     
 Parent-Teacher_Meeting_LTP-P5 P6 _2018.pdf         ü  ü 
HCI and NYGHS Sharing 2018.pdf            ü  
2018 Drama and Aesthetics Fests LTP.pdf  ü ü  ü ü  ü  ü 
CCM 2018 - HOL Letter Writeup to Parents updated.pdf     ü   ü      
2018 Sibling Survey Phase 1_Primary 1_2019.pdf  ü  ü  ü   ü ü  ü 
2018 Joint letter (MOE SPF and LTA) 40WLF Northland Primary School.pdf
 ü  ü ü  ü  ü ü
LTP SA1 P3 to P6 2018.pdf       ü ü  ü  ü 
P3 TO P6 TOPICS TO BE TESTED SEMESTER 1 2018.pdf      ü   ü ü  ü 
Creative Ceramic Mural-making Programme.pdf  ü  ü  ü   ü ü  ü 
P letter to Parents (T2 19 March 2018) Final.pdf
 ü ü   ü ü   ü ü 

Term 1

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P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6
2018 March Holidays P6 Supp Lessons.pdf            ü 
 P1_P1 Smart Cards for Concessionary travel.pdf  ü          
 P1 Math@Home Workshop 2018.pdf ü           
P5 ML E-Oral Workshop LTP.pdf
 HFF LTP 2018.pdf  ü ü   ü ü   ü ü 
Letter of Invite to Xi'an, China.pdf           ü  
PSLE Oral Workshop letter to parents 2018.pdf            ü 
P letter to Parents on npsCARE 2018 (21 Feb 2018).pdf
ü   ü  ü ü  ü  ü 
2018 P5 Math Check LTP.pdf          ü   
P6 CA1 LTP 2018.pdf            ü 
LTP_Project Work 2018.pdf      ü  ü  ü   
2018 CNY LTP.pdf  ü  ü  ü   ü ü  ü 
2018 Donation_In-Kind -VF.pdf   ü ü  ü  ü  ü  ü 
 P2 Summative Assessment in Semester 1 2018.pdf   ü          
 P6_YH_LTP_Semester 1_2018.pdf            ü 
 P5 LTP YH 2018_Sem 1_8 Jan.pdf          ü   
 P4_YH_LTP_Semester 1_2018.pdf        ü     
P3_YH_LTP_Semester 1_2018.pdf      ü        
 P2 LTP YH 2018_Sem 1_8 Jan (Updated for Website).pdf   ü         
P1 YH LTP 2018 - Updated for Website.pdf
 Raising Readers Workshop-P1 & P2 Parents.pdf ü  ü         
LTP - Purchase of EL P3 STELLAR Booklets Set (3 Jan 2018).pdf       ü      
P letter to parents (2 Jan 2018 Final).pdf
ü  ü  ü  ü  ü  ü