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Phase 2B Parent Volunteer Scheme

For parents with child born in 2013, please click for details of balloting exercise.

Student Learning Space (SLS)

The Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) is a platform that will support Teaching and Learning in all schools. It will help empower our students to drive their own learning according to their needs and interests. SLS is being rolled out to all schools in phases. The students in our school will be given their accounts in May 2018. Our teachers will guide your child in activating the SLS account and using the learning platform. We look forward to your support as we help our students strengthen their learning through the SLS. 

School NEW website on Tuesday 17 April
Please be informed that we are launching our school NEW website on Tuesday 17 April, actual date of NPS 30th Anniversary.
Soft launch will be on Monday, 16 April.
Letters to Parents and Calendar updated in Term 2 may not be ported timely. 
Please bear with us for any inconvenience to prompt online information in April.
Updates from 2018 Year Heads for all Levels
Letters to Parents 2018