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Sponsored Books For Loan 

Title Author

A GOOD FRIEND : How to make one, how to be one

Ron Herron and Val J. Peter
THE 10 BEST DECISIONS A COUPLE CAN MAKE : Bring out the best in your relationship Bill and Pam Farrel
SIBLING REVELRY : 8 steps to successful adult sibling relationships Jo Ann Levitt, M.A., R.N., Marjory Levitt, Ph.d, and Joel Levitt
CHILDREN AS TEACHERS : Creating a new relationship with choices, agreements and guilt-free Parenting Margaret Lester
ENHANCING YOUR CHILD’S BEHAVIOR : A step-by-step guide for parents and teachers Robert Evert Cimera
HIGH IQ KIDS : Collected insights, information and personal stories from the experts Kiesa Kay, Deborah Robson and Judy Fort Brenneman
GROWING GOOD KITS : 28 activities to enhance self-awareness, compassion and leadership Deb Delisle and Jim Delisle
HOW RUDE! : The teenagers’ guide to good manners, proper behavior and not grossing people out Alex J. Packer, Ph.D
THE POWER OF POSITIVE TALK : Words to help every child succeed Douglas Dloch, M.A., with Joh Merritt, M.S.
BUILDING A CHAMPIONSHIP FAMILY : Coaching kids’ values and Instilling character Gary Dehrer, M.Ed.
THE EVERYTHING PARENT’S GUIDE TO RAISING A SUCCESSFUL CHILD :   All you need to encourage your child to excel at home and school Denise D. Witner
WIN THE WHINING WAR & OTHER SKIRMISHES : A family peace plan Cynthia Whitham, MSW
HOW TO HANDLE HARD-TO-HANDLE KID : A parents’ guide to understanding and changing problem behaviors C.Drew Edwards, Ph.d.
CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY LIVE : parenting  to inspire value Dorothy Law Nolte
Title Author
The Five Love Languages – how to express heartfelt commitment to your mate Gary Chapman
Building Bridges With Your Teenagers – keys to effective parenting and communication Alice Lee
Parenting - a rollercoaster experience Lee Wee Min
Raising Gender-Confident Kids – a practical guide Melvin W. Wong, PhD.
Logged On and Tuned Out – a non-techie’s guide to parenting a tech-savvy generation Vicki Courtney
Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut – learning to understand and help those who self-injure Marv Penner
Loving Against the Odds – creating the marriage you’ve always wanted Rob Parsons
Helping Your Kids Survive Your Divorce Thomas A. Whiteman, PhD.
The Sixty Minute Marriage – transform your relationship in one hour Rob Parsons
The Sixty Minute Mother – take an hour to change your child’s life forever Rob Parsons
The Sixty Minute Father - take an hour to change your child’s life forever Rob Parsons
The Family CEO – building a happy and successful family Simon Simple
The Heart of Success – making it in business without losing in life Rob Parsons
The Money Secret – not just a book on debt, but on life choices Rob Parsons
Teenagers – what every parent has to know Rob Parsons
Playstation Nation – protect your child from video game addiction Olivia and Kurt Bruner
Video Games - what every parent needs to know Richard Abanes
Trend- Savvy Parenting - an insider’s guide to the changes that shape your child’s world Dr Mary Manz Simon
Every Child Can Succeed – making the most of your child’s learning Cynthia Ulrich Tobias
A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality Joseph Nicolosi, PhD. & Linda Ames Nicolosi
Your Struggling Child - a guide to diagnosing, understanding and advocating for your child with learning, behavioural or emotional problems Robert F. Newby, PhD.
Giving Your Child the Excellence Edge – 10 traits your child will need to achieve lifelong success Vicki Caruana
The First 9 Months – traces the formation of human life in the womb Pamphlet
Straight Talk ( English ) – the myths and facts about homosexuality Pamphlet
Straight Talk ( Chinese ) – the myths and facts about homosexuality Pamphlet