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2017 FamilyMatters Adventure - Making Memories That Last

The programme is structured around the concept of LOVE LANGUAGES spoken in the FAMILY. Psychologists generally agree that in every person there is an emotional tank or “love tank” that needs to be filled. When this love tank is filled, people perform and respond better. The Emotional Tank is filled through love expressions such as Affirming Words, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, Giving of Thoughtful Gifts and Quality Time spent together. In a family it is not uncommon for members to be expressing love in different ways. One may be receiving the “I care and love you” message through words, while another may be speaking it through acts of service. This can be confusing and the message of care and love may be lost in the translation. This team will give families an opportunity to bond through expressions of love. For parents and child, learning and practising your love language is going to dramatically improve the quality of your relationships with each other and even with other people.


Saturday, 18 February 2017




Singapore Botanic Gardens


Mr James Satchy







Cost:  $10 per Parent-Child pair. To confirm your interest, please submit with names of Parent and Child to NPS General Office in sealed envelope by Wednesday, 15 February 2017 (extended).

On 18 February, please report in school by 8.30am. *1 Way Transport will be provided 

For further enquiries, please call Mdm Kamisah at 93363959 or email to