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Northland Primary School has been awarded the PARTNERS Award (Merit) in 2010. This award is presented by COMPASS to recognize efforts made to promote and strengthen collaborative partnerships with the school’s stakeholders namely the parents, alumni, SAC, community partners, industrial partners and overseas partners.


The vision of Northland Primary School is ‘Firm Foundations, Future Learnings.’  We aim to build a firm foundation in each child, enabling him to grow, serve and excel. Our core values are ‘Compassion, Life-long learning, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence’. As a primary school, our desired outcomes are to develop students in 6 domains – cognitive, social and moral, leadership, morale, aesthetics and physical in alignment with the C2015 outcomes to develop confident, self-directed learners, concerned citizens and active contributors. 

To realise these outcomes, the school taps on the expertise of partners in areas which our teachers may not be competent in to support the strategic directions of the school. 

The partnership programme in Northland is based on the principles of synergistic connections and win-win collaborations. As such, partnership projects are developed based on the needs of students and the evaluation of the benefits to both students and partners. 

Message from Partnerships in Education Office (PEO)

We hope you had a fun and fruitful time bonding with your family! 
As we prepare ourselves for the new year, let’s encourage our children to get ready for an interesting educational journey in 2015.  This video shows how they will have a quality education, in whichever school that they will be in.
For parents with Primary One children, this video on transition to Primary One will provide useful tips on how they can prepare their children to start a new phase of their lives.  A video of how the first week of Primary One can be like can be seen here.
We hope you will consider being part of a Parent Support Group in your child’s school.  You will have opportunities to meet other parents, and you may also get to meet more of your child’s friends in school.  You can sign up for activities that suit your schedule.  You can also connect with your child’s teachers; here are some tips for building the relationships with your child’s teachers.
The more you know what your child is doing in school, the more connected you will be with your child, and you will be able to better support your child’s needs and learning. More information on how you can be involved in your child’s education can be found here.
Finally, having a positive home environment will be useful to your child.  You can try the following ways to build a nurturing environment at home:
  • Celebrate and praise your child’s good efforts, and not only his/her successes.
  • Don’t dwell on mistakes and academic marks. Rather, always encourage your child to strive for  improvement.
  • Give your child the confidence to seek help from his/her teacher.
For more useful tips, click here!
Hope you have been enjoying our regular MOE Bulletin. Please share this update with your friends, and connect with us on MOE Facebook, Twitter or Youtube channel. Have a wonderful 2015 ahead!