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Primary 1 - 2018

Letter from Year Head for Semester 1

Update 31 Dec 2017

Dear Parents,

We welcome your child to Primary 1. School will begin on Tuesday, 2 January 2018.
P1 students will report at the basketball court, next to the school canteen.

For 2018 Term 1 Week 1,  Orientation programmes are scheduled for the first  4 days.

Things to bring for Orientation Days:

Things to bring daily: 
Stationery (pencil case, small box of 12 colour pencils), Story Book, Jotter book, A4 size plastic folder for notes/letters to parents

Day 1:  Report Book

Day 2: English, Maths Workbooks,  Mother Tongue Activity Books

Kindly work together with your child to label all belongings with child;s name and class.

Form Teachers will be issuing a letter to parents which will provide the details of books for students to bring on subsequent days.

We wish you and your family an enriching 2018 ahead.

Year Head - P1

Change of Mathematics Textbooks

As per booklist, the new Mathematics textbooks are titled P1Targeting Mathematics

P1 Booklist.pdf

Briefing on Admin Days (19 & 20 Oct 2017)