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P4 Malacca Internationalisation Trip 2015

Objectives of the Educational Tour

To provide students the opportunity to:

1.   Develop an awareness and appreciation of the rich cultural heritage in Malacca

2.   Learn more about how people live in Malacca and how the past legacies continue to influence their lives today

3.   Develop a global awareness while maintaining a sense of belonging and appreciation of Singapore  

Briefing on Wednesday, 27 May 2015

NPS P4 MALACCA_-Website.pdf

Parents and Students who missed the briefing, please collect the Trip Booklet from the General Office by Tuesday, 2 June.

Packing Checklist (updated as at 31 May)

Accomodation in Malacca (updated as at 31 May)

Holiday Inn Melaka 
Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz
75000 Melaka
Telephone: +6062859000
Email: welcome@holidayinnmelaka.com
Website: www.holidayinnmelaka.com