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Overseas Partners

The objectives of the internationalisation trip are to develop in students the global awareness and cross-cultural skills and sensitise them.  We hope with given exposure, students will deepen their commitment and rootedness to Singapore.

The school has also established partnerships with overseas schools which share the same core values.  It has strengthened these links to develop in students a sense of national identity, and respect for diversity. Our partnership with schools in China is evidence of our belief in the importance of such partnerships. Through the Homestay programmes, students get to experience life outside Singapore, understand different cultures, learn from the experiences of others around the world and understand how the world works socially and culturally. In return, the students from these schools are invited to Homestays in Singapore where our students act as ambassadors in hosting programmes. 

Collaborations with Schools from Other Countries:
  • Cheonan Yongso Elementary School (Cheonan, Korea)
  • Kingfar School (Xi'an, China)