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Community Partners

Our community partners are selected to provide expertise in areas that will value-add to students’ learning. The Holy Tree Balasubramanium Temple, Darul Makmur Mosque, Chong Pang Combined Temple, Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea and the Sembawang Town Council have been involved in the annual NE Camps. Students visit these places to learn the culture and traditions of religious groups and how a community works to serve her people.  These partners were engaged at a higher level so as to enrich students with their wealth of experience and knowledge. These partners conducted briefings and talks for students to teach them the value of religious and racial tolerance. 

Rainbow Centre Yishun Park and Northland Primary School have embarked on an immersion and community involvement programmes that provide opportunities for our students to apply core value such as compassion and communication skills in an authentic situation. Some of our Primary Three students buddied the students in Rainbow Centre during the recess on a weekly basis.