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School Uniform

All Northlanders are to wear the prescribed school uniform (complete with white canvas shoes and socks).
whenever they enter the school premises for whatever activity.
P3 to P6 Pupils can wear their PE attire on the days  they have PE lessons  and CCAs.
Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the school uniform is not allowed.
Reference: Student Handbook 2016 pages 26 & 27

School Uniform for P1 and P2 Students

P1 to P2 uniform.png

School Uniform for P3 to P6 Students

P3 to P6 uniform.png

Embroidered Name Tag

The student’s embroidered name tag with different colours  for year entering Primary 1 and the same colour will remain  throughout the 6 years  in school. Based on 2016, the name tag colours  will be as  follows:

YearGradeColour YearGrade
2016 Primary 1 Red 2017 Primary 2
2016  Primary 2  Black  2017 Primary 3
2016 Primary 3 Orange 2017 Primary 4
2016  Primary 4 Purple  2017 Primary 5
2016  Primary 5 Green 2017 Primary 6
2016 Primary 6 Blue 2017 Primary 1

Name tag must be sewn on each school shirt/blouse, colour of PE cum House T-shirt. 
The position for it is as follows:
* Shirt/blouse :         1 cm above the pocket
* PE cum House T-shirt :     1 cm above school crest

School PE cum House Attire from 2017

Students from P3 to P6 next year, the school will have a new PE t-shirt that can double up as a House t-shirt.
It will be made of dry-fit material and will have coloured collars and coloured strips under the arms to reflect the House colours of the student.   

If you choose to buy the new PE t-shirt, your child can wear this for all PE lessons and all House activities and competitions in the school.  

However, if the current PE t-shirt can still fit your child in 2017, you need not buy the new PE t-shirt. 
Your child can wear the current PE t-shirt during PE lessons and the current House t-shirt during House competitions.