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School Lighthouse

School’s Icon: The Lighthouse
(Revised Version, May 2011)
The lighthouse, as the icon ofNorthlandPrimary School, was conceived in November 2001.
Its prominent and strategic location in the high seas symbolises Northland's standing among the schools in the cluster, zone and country.  The sea and all its wonders surrounding the lighthouse represent the community of stakeholders who collaborate and add value to the school.
The beauty of nature that surrounds the lighthouse reflects our appreciation of the arts, which the school aims to develop in our students as part of its commitment to provide holistic education.
The base of the lighthouse represents the firm foundation that keeps us anchored in our core values. These values provide us with the moral compass and confidence in charting our directions and weathering all storms. Firm foundation also extends to our rigorous academic learning that is based on conceptual understanding.
The tall lighthouse and its beacon symbolise the towering aspirations of the staff and students in striving for excellence. The light that emanates outward represents the readiness of our people, equipped with confidence and creativity, to shine in their explorations beyond. The light also represents high standards that draw others to learn from and co-learn with us.
Northland Primary, like the lighthouse that stands firm and tall in the rough seas, is also a harbour for all our students, past and present -- students we have groomed and are grooming into self-directed learners with upright character who are willing to contribute and serve.