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School Crest & Motto

Our School Crest

schoolCrest.jpgThe colors of our school crest are blue-Pantone 2995C and yellow-Pantone 108C. The rising sun at the top of the crest represents the rising spirit of Northland Primary School. Just like the sun’s glow, the glow of our school flashes outward in all directions and touches all it comes in contact with. The book in the shape of a tree with spreading branches is symbolic of the school’s pursuit of learning and academic excellence . The healthy, fully formed leaves beneath the shade of the spreading branches are symbolic of the love and nurturing which the pupils receive under its aegis. Cradling the crest is the school motto – Steadfast and Honest.

Our School Motto

Steadfast and Honest 
The word ‘steadfast’ embodies the qualities of faithfulness and loyalty to the school and nation – qualities which the school will instill in its pupils. It also underlines the fact that Northland Primary School wants to inculcate in its pupils the virtues of perseverance in the pursuit of knowledge and excellence.
The word ‘honest’ emphasizes the moral tone of the school and is symbolic of the importance which the school places on trustworthiness and dependability