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School Core Values

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School Core ‘C-LITE’ Values

  • I am kind.
  • I care and have empathy for others.
  • I am generous in helping others.
  • I am curious and open to new ideas.
  • I am an independent learner.
  • I create my own knowledge.
  • I am honest and morally upright.
  • I am responsible for my actions.
  • I have moral courage.
  • I actively collaborate with others to achieve our common goals.
  • I respect others’ views.
  • I affirm my team-mates’ efforts.
  • I strive to be the best I can be.
  • I deliver quality work.
  • I am resilient and overcome setbacks.

Core Values for Staff 

COMPASSION - We treat each other with care and concern.
LIFELONG LEARNING - We engage in reflective practices, and develop ourselves professionally.
INTEGRITY - We are upright and honest in all that we do.
TEAMWORK - We respect our colleagues and work collaboratively with them.
EXCELLENCE - We strive for excellence in thoughts, words and actions


MOE Corporate Values

  • Integrity The Foundation
  • People Our Focus
  • Learning Our Passion
  • Excellence Our Pursuit