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Confident and Competent Communicators

To build a firm foundation in the acquisition of literacy skills.

The English Department aims to provide students with a firm foundation in the acquisition of literacy skills through a rigorous classroom curriculum, based on the STELLAR approach, which is enhanced with the following programmes:

  1. A Story is a Doorway (Extensive Reading Programme) 
  2. Whole-school Approach to Oracy 
  3. Focused Intervention Programme (FIP) 


For more information on STELLAR, please visit


HOD English Language

Mrs Tham Wan Churn

LH English Language

Ms Munirah Bte Mohd Sani

Teaching & Learning

Mrs Cha Sau Mei

Learning Support
(P1 & P2)

Mrs Tan Lee Joon



Mrs Chitra Thirumaran

Ms Dhurga Devi d/o Ramasamy

Mrs See-Foo Hui Shan

Miss Farah Hasinah  

Mrs Nurelyani Akel

Mrs Lee-Goy Hoon Meng

Mrs Katherine Chong Wenxin

Miss Lee Yu Jin Diane

Mrs Shiamala d/o Krishna Kumar

Miss Tan Kheng Imm  

Mdm A P Priya Lathaa   

Mr Rajiv Jude



1.A Story is a Doorway (Extensive Reading Programme)

Our school has adopted the tagline ‘A Story is a Doorway’, from the poem ‘A Story is a Doorway, by Richard Peck, for our Extensive Reading Programme. This is because reading opens the door to the world of knowledge, imagination and excitement.

This programme aims to instil in students a lifelong passion for reading and develop appreciation for good literature.


2. Whole-School Approach to Oracy

With the goal of developing confident speakers in mind, the school seeks not only to equip students with essential speaking skills, but also to provide them with plentiful of opportunities for public speaking.


3. Focused Intervention Programme

Focused Intervention.png