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Reading Programmes

This programme aims to instill lifelong passion for reading and develop 
appreciation for good literature.

Our school has adopted the tagline "A Story is a Doorway" as reading opens the door to the world of knowledge, imagination and excitement.

Some programmes/activities to support reading are:
    - Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading (USSR)
where students read a book silently to cultivate a good reading habit
   - Read Aloud sessions in class by Teachers

  - Promotion of Genre of the month
to encourage students to read a wide range of books

    - Reading Festival
An annual event which is part of the continuous effort to build and instill the love of reading in students.
Examples of past activities were: Treasure Hunt, Character Dress-up and even Readers' Theatre!
    - Magazine/Newspaper Subscriptions (e.g. What's Up!)
Apart from reading newspaper articles, students get to enjoy doing games.

    - Buddy Reading and Learning Support Programme Extensive Reading

Scholastic Reading Programme
A supplementary English Reading Programme was introduced based on the Reading-Comprehension assessment tool; the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI). This framework allows for texts to be measured according to the difficulty that they pose to the reader, and for a reader to be measured based on the capacity he/ she has to process and understand information in a text.

Reading Materials/resources

How to help your child in reading?
Click here to find out more -> ReadingTip_Parents.pdf
Source: National Library Board