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chamPS History

Northland Primary School saw its 1st Parent Volunteer (PV) in July 1996. Mrs Veronica Hee started to serve primarily in printing, finally progressing to reading and tutoring pupils. With the formation of COMPASS (Community & Parents in Support of Schools), and more information made available in publications such as Guidelines on Home-School Links by Ministry of Education, Parent Support Group (PSG) in Northland Primary was informally set up in 1998. Many parents came forward to serve in new areas- library and learning journeys.

The School spelt out the objectives clearly as follows:
  • To allow parents to co-work with the school closely
  • To provide support for school's various activities
  • To provide support for teachers in some areas
  • To enhance the teacher-parent relationship through warm and cordial working style
  • To become effective parents as a result
  • To expand circle of friends
With some 50 parent volunteers, the School held its Parent Volunteers' meeting on 7 August 1999 to elect the 1st Executive Committee. Mrs Angie Mark was selected to be the 1st Chairperson and she led PSG till 17 November 2001. Enrolment grew to 120 as the PSG became structured and accountable for their voluntary contributions.
Mrs Jilyn Tan was elected as the 2nd Chairperson and together with a new team of ExCo members, they assumed appointments from 17 November 2001 to December 2003.  The baton was handed to the 3rd Chairperson, Mrs Tracy Tan with effect from December 2003.

With the election by end of Term 4-2005, chamPS was proud to announce Mrs Lin Chia as our 4th Chairperson. She first served as a Phase 2B Parent Volunteer in 2002. In March 2008, Mrs Janet Seah was the 5th elected Chairperson. Currently chamPS enrolment has increased to a strong membership of more than 200 parent volunteers, out of which up to 10% are Phase 2B parent volunteers. In 2010, ExCo was  headed by Mrs Ruby Lim, our 6th elected Chairperson. By the end of 2012, the helm was handed to our 7th elected Chairperson Mdm Liou Mei Fan.

Aug 1999 -  Nov 2001 Mrs Angie Mark
Nov 2001 - Dec 2003 Mrs Jilyn Tan
Dec 2003 -  Dec 2005 Mrs Tracy Tan
Dec 2005 - Dec 2007 Mrs Lin Chia
Dec 2007 - Dec 2009 Mrs Janet Seah
2010 - 2011 Mrs Ruby Lim
2012 - 2013 Mdm Liou Mei Fan
2014 - 2018 Mr Juraiman Rahhim
2019 - current Mr Jazon Ho

Northland Primary School - chamPS as a formal organization is now functioning in its 18th year. With this platform for enthusiastic and committed parents to participate in the nurturing of Northlanders, we trust our children will benefit not only academically but also experience growth in other aspects.
In addition, effective communication and close co-working relationship among parent volunteers is also being encouraged and practised so as to enable parents to widen their circle of friends in the course of their service to NPS.